About Us

Dear customers,

As parents we all want to gain access to the best products for our children. However, searching for high quality products is a really time - consuming task when there are tons of choices in childrenswear market. This is why Aprecot - a Toronto base online boutique is built to simplify the shopping process for organic, eco - friendly and of course, child - friendly clothing. We are committed to constantly update our collections with safe and comfortable pretty little garments for your little ones.

If you have always been opting for 100% cotton option then you will definitely like products made from bamboo which is an eco-friendly substitute to cotton. Its breathable, light and ultimately smooth characteristics make it a new favorable fiber for children's clothing.. In addition, we also source organic cotton items with original or natural dye colors from GOTS certified suppliers. So welcome to Aprecot! Rest assured that you can shop for affordable high - quality products that were selected and tested by parents. 

In our expansive collection of newborn baby clothes, you’ll find designs for enhanced nighttime comfort, breathable softness, and a variety of baby must-have items for simplified dressing and washing. We know how tough it can be to find newborn baby clothes that are safe, comfortable, and designed to withstand active baby lifestyles, so we’ve designed our collection of organic baby clothes in Toronto to support all of your baby’s growing needs. Naturally infused into our entire line of organic cotton clothes in Ontario, you’ll find: 

Eco-friendly Sourcing & Safe Production Practices

Beautiful Patterns & Timeless Styles

Easy-to-Use Snaps, Buttons, & Zippers for Easier Dressing

Durable Stitching & Fabrics Withstand Energetic Activities

Our Organic Options are Always Skin-safe & Chemical-free

& More Earth-conscious, Baby-friendly Benefits...

To pair with your cozy collection of baby clothing, our exclusive line of accessories and baby blankets in Toronto and Ottawa are the perfect addition to your child’s essentials. Our Ottawa swaddle blankets are great for calming little ones, can be worn as a cute accessory, and are an adorable addition to keeping clothes clean during mealtime or while out and about. 

As your child outgrows their baby clothes or baby pajamas in Ontario, our durable designs are a wonderful gift for friends and family members that have children of their own. We hope to promote safer clothing options for every child in Ontario and beyond, and hope that your friends and family will love our kids' clothes just as much as you and your little ones do!

Aprecot team